Floor Heating Film. Killing Floor Versus Mode.

Floor Heating Film

floor heating film

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Salt Creek

Salt Creek

Salt Creek is a small stream that flows out of perennial springs on the face of Tucki Mountain (seen in the background) in Death Valley. Although the guidebooks give a short and fairly bland description of this area, they do not do it justice - it's a spectacular area composed of wetlands and small pools surrounded by eroded hills and beautiful mountains. Many thanks to Rose McHenry for recommending this area to us - it is spectacular!

Salt Creek is aptly named, being about as saline as sea water and is the sole home of the Death Valley Pupfish (Cyprinodon salinus) , a small species of fish found only in this stream. Because of the high salt content in the water and surrounding soils, all the vegetation growing here has to be salt tolerant and able to withstand severe desert heat. Salt crusts form on soil surfaces that are slightly elevated above the level of the water and the soils often crack and heave when dry.

This photo was taken near the southern end of Salt Creek just past the boardwalk. When we were there the creek was a very small, shallow stream flowing within the thin line of red vegetation near the opposing hills in the middle distance. When fed by rains on the mountains, however, it can overflow its banks and be a broad shallow stream that fills this valley floor, creating the large mudflats in the foreground.

Bitty Bitty Button-tops

Bitty Bitty Button-tops

This August our little family got to spend an afternoon with extended family on one uncle’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain property. He and his wife have spent years designing and maintaining wooded acreage with a stream running through it. They have created lovely walks, as challenging or as easy as one would want in order to satisfy the casual walker of any age or in any physical condition. My son and I escaped the heat and crowds for just a little while and went for a long walk through shade, dappled clearings, and even tunneled, tree-lined paths. He indicated the photo opportunities and even took some of the photos.

We discovered these little button-topped mushrooms – smaller than my freakishly small fingertips – quite by accident on the floor of a tunnel-like walk through towering white pines. We imagined our insistence on photographing them probably scared away the inevitable wee folk we know occupy such residences. We were so preoccupied with our own selfish desire to capture the mushrooms on film, though, that we didn’t think of the wee folk’s distress until after the fact. You’ll note in this photo that the little people have left no sign of their existence or passage. Careful little fellows, aren’t they?

floor heating film

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